We convene our community through the Annual Games for Change Festival, the largest industry-facing event in New York City. We inspire youth to explore civic issues and learn 21st-century and STEM skills through our Student Challenge and we train educators to run game design classes on impact games. We incubate and executive produce game projects through our game design challenges, workshops and consulting projects. We curate and evangelize games to the public through our public arcades and award shows.

VR For Change Alcove Challenge

The Challenge will aim to inspire more people to think about how VR games can enhance the quality of life as we age, and enable more people to experience simple, beautiful, and impactful VR. The Challenge is slated to launch in January 2020. To learn more about The Challenge or sign up, click here!

Games for Change Accelerator

Games for Change Accelerator empowers social impact games, esports, and XR development through funding, mentoring, go-to market planning, on-going business development, and continuous support. Apply to one of our competitive programs and we鈥檒l accelerate your company to the next level.

Games for Change Student Challenge

The G4C Student Challenge invites middle and high school students to create digital games about real-world issues impacting their communities. Since its inception, the program has impacted over 10,500 students and is currently running in NYC, LA, Detroit, and Atlanta during the 2018-2019 school year.

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